"The Night Clerk"

People who live with Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD has been on the rise in the last decade. It ranges from person to person from those who rarely speak to those who are super observant and could be classified as being a genius. One thing many share is the difficulty to be social with other people causing them anxiety and not being able to relate to others. Many find ways to deal with their difficulties, such as observation, yet one must be careful, otherwise they may see something someone might kill for.

Bart Bromely (Tye Sheridan) is the night clerk for a hotel. Living with autism has made it a challenge to talk with other people, but his job allows him to be alone most nights which gives him time to do practice being in social situations with people. One method he's found to do this is to observe people from hidden cameras in their rooms watching from his laptop. Yet he gets more than he bargained for one night when after his shift one night he observes a woman being murdered…

"DCU Superman: Red Son"

Hello movie lovers. Let me start off by saying that I hope you all are doing well out there and I apologize for my lack of reviews. I've had to take on the role of educator on top of my mom role for my two boys which has made it hard to find time to sit down and write anything these days. However, I've been able to catch up on some movie watching as I'm sure many of you have and have some great films to tell you about, so I'm hoping to hit with a few this weekend. So, let me hit the ground running faster than a speeding bullet with a Superman movie like you've never seen him.

In this take on the Man of Steel, we find him in an alternate reality where his ship sent from Krypton has landed in the heart of Russia and becomes the symbol of the Soviet Union. Yet when Superman (Jason Isaacs) is informed of some classified information by American news reporter Lois Lane (Amy Acker) with the help of her well connected husband Lex Luthor (Diedrich Bader) he finds the dark …

"Rabid" (2019)

Hello all you movie lovers out there. I'm sure many of you are bummed and a little worried with the Corona virus going around and postponing movie premieres and avoiding the movie theaters a little frustrating with all the great films that are supposed to be coming out. Still we can enjoy a film at home and reflect how art can imitate life and vise versa. "Contagion" and "Outbreak" are prime examples to relate how things seem right now as well as this film I recently viewed that while it might stir up some fears will also remind you that we're lucky this virus has a high survival rate compared to what occurs in this film.

Rose (Laura Vandervoort) is a timid woman with aspirations of being a fashion designer and having her work be the next thing on the runway, but she's treated by many as a joke including her boss Gunter (Mackenzie Gray). One evening, one of her biggest hopes finally happens when her office crush Brad (Benjamin Hollingsworth) the photog…


Navigating your teen years can feel like a battle in itself with the struggles of school, popularity and the social acceptance and expectations of those around you. Most of us make a few mistakes but manage to get out of it without a scrape, others seem to manage to bring about the end of the world in their mind, yet in this case it just might happen.

Sara Steinburg (Mary Nepi) is a social seeking girl who wants nothing more to start the new school year off with a bang which includes finally losing her v-card to popular jock Skyler Cole (Austin Fryberger). It seems like Sara finally has her social standing until the next morning she wakes up to find herself nine months pregnant. Unable to tell her new friends like mean-spirited Kiana (Ashley Argota), Skyler or even her mom Kate (J.J. Nolan), she seeks help from her former friend Hayley Chamberlain (Gabrielle Elyse) who agrees to take her to a clinic.

In the midst of seeking answers, Sara delivers an alien creature with the power to t…

"Bernie the Dolphin 2"

We hear so much going on with the ocean between the amount of plastic building up to the animals that are affected from mistakenly consuming our garbage believing it to be edible that we don't always get to see these animals at their best and what they're capable of. Yet thanks to those who are dedicated to changing that and films that remind us how important they are, we are educated along with being entertained.

Bernie is back in a new full-length feature film and so are his human friends Kevin and Holly Ryan (Logan Allen and Lola Sultan) who are now junior volunteers of the marine wildlife rescue that helped Bernie in the last film and are still featuring him and his pod on their webpage. Yet just as Bernie's pod is coming back to the area, another familiar face has returned, Winston Mills (Kevin Sorbo).

Out on parole, Winston and the kids along with their father Bob Ryan (Patrick Muldoon) find themselves being forced to work together when Winston is assigned to custod…

"The Lighthouse"

Welcome again movie lovers and welcome to anyone who's reading the blog for the first time. For those who do peak at my page from time to time, I apologize for the gaps in post. We lost my Nain (Welsh for Grandmother) very recently and it has taken some time to work out time to sit down and do any writing of any kind for me. She always looked forward to reading my articles that I did for the magazine "Our State Vermont" and let me know she was proud of my writing and I will miss being able to share my newest pieces with her. Yet one thing I've taken away from this is that I carry her trait of staying strong for family and carrying on, so without further to do here we go.

In the days of the 19th-century New England when the lighthouse keeper was responsible for the lives of sailors out at sea to avoid hitting rocks and expected to serve their tour for weeks in isolation, two men Thomas Wake (Willem Dafoe) and the newest recruit Ephraim Winslow (Robert Pattinson) are …

"Polaroid" (2019)

Such a thing as taking a picture seems like a harmless thing, yet not everyone feels that way. Some cultures believe taking a photo of someone can steal a piece of their soul while others think it preserves a moment in time to be looked back on and remembered. Yet when it becomes the object of supernatural forces to lash out on the living, a picture can be worth more than a thousand words, it can be worth your life.

Bird Fitcher (Kathryn Prescott) is a quiet high schooler with a passion for photography and when she is fortunate to be given an old rare polaroid camera from the '70's by Tyler (Davi Santos), her friend and co-worker at the antique shop she works at she is more than eager to try it out on people like Tyler and at a costume party hosted by her friend Avery (Katie Stevens) and her friends Kasey (Samantha Logan) Devin (Keenan Tracey) Mina (Priscilla Quintana) and her crush Connor (Tyler Young).

Yet when she learns Tyler and Avery died in what looked like tragic acci…