"Descendants 3"

With every fairy tale, there must be an ending. Usually a happily ever after, but before that the hero must triumph through challenges, face peril and prove good is stronger than evil. The Descendants Series has not been the typical fairy tale with the children of classic Disney villains finding they can be good and that sometimes all you need is a chance and the third and final chapter is no different.

To catch you up if your not familiar with the series, four VK's (villain's kids) were given the chance to come off the Isle of the Lost where all villains and their minions were banished 20 years ago to come to the kingdom of Auradon where the future king Ben (Mitchell Hope) son of Belle and the former Beast and brings over, Jay (Booboo Stewart) son of Jafar, Evie (Sophia Carson) daughter of The Evil Queen, Carlos (Cameron Boyce) son of Cruella De Vil and Mal (Dove Cameron) daughter of Maleficant.

Fast forward to the third installment where Mal and Ben have been successfully d…

"Made In Vermont"

Most films made about Vermont often try to portray the Green Mountain State as a place known for its snow and nothing but forest for miles with fictional towns like Pine Tree, Vermont or Spurbury (as if we didn't have enough places that ended in "bury" already) and often don't capture much of the real Vermont. Now thanks to a independent group of filmmakers that trend has finally been broken.

Roger Witherspoon (Roger Strauss) a once famous playwright know for his play "Dickhead" has not had much success since then and now teaches drama to children and is in no hurry to jump into another project when he gets a call from a former student Tyler (Tyler Gillen) about joining a group of aspiring filmmakers, but when he hears his old flame Melanie Shepard, now Melanie Flanagan (Noni Stuart) suggested him, he decides to give the opportunity to win the Golden Gizzard in Chickenparts, Oklahoma (yes, that's right) a chance.
Yet Roger soon finds that this colorful…

"Discarnate" versus "Pet Graveyard"

Welcome readers and movie lovers to another MoVTie Critic's "Movie Versus". I know I have been away for awhile but with the summer weather and films out there, it can be hard to find time to sit down and write all about them. Yet not too long ago I saw two films with the similar theme of what lies beyond death and felt that these two being so close in plot deserved to go head to head to see who can gain the most Green Mountain Stars (G.M.Stars). So without further to do, let's get started.

First up we have "Discarnate" which follows a scientific group out into the middle of nowhere. Led by a neuroscientist Dr. Andre Mason (Thomas Kretschmann) who lost his son Benny (Jake Vaughn) mysteriously to what he claimed was a monster before being suddenly taken he sought answers and found Maya Sanchez (Nadine Velazquez) and a tea she brews that can allow those to see things beyond the veil of our existence.
Convincing her to experiment with this to seek an answer in…

"The Possession of Hannah Grace"

Since "The Exorcist" cinema and those intrigued by the supernatural have wondered if there are things in the dark that can take control of our physical body and make us the unwitting passengers of their evil doings with no way to fight back except by those on the outside and hope that an act of God can free us. Many of us will fortunately only see this sort of horror in that of films and television and never have to live through the nightmare, or what comes after.

Megan Reed (Shay Mitchell, Pretty Little Liars) is working on putting the pieces of her life back together after an incident while she was on the police force occurred resulting in a breakdown and having to give up her badge. Now taking on a job as a night shift worker at the morgue as a way to start fresh, she doesn't expect anything too out of the ordinary until the cadaver of a young woman (Kirby Johnson) later to be identified as Hannah Grace is brought in.

At first glance, it looks as though the body has …


Everyone thinks they've got "that family". You know the one where everyone tries to come off normal on the surface but get a few drinks into them and you start to see the dysfunctional personality hiding just beneath the surface and how they all seem to get crazier by the minute. Well, in the case of this film, you're are probably nowhere near as bad.

Ed (Bob Saget, who also directed this film) has gathered his family and close friends to come to his home for an intervention for his teenage son Benjamin (Max Burkholder). Along for this event is his girlfriend Jeanette (Mary Lynn Rajskub) who's pretty much fed up with Ed's emotional state, his brother Rick (Kevin Pollak) who's marriage is on the rocks and is having a connection with Jeanette. His friend Dr. Ed (Rob Corddry) a gynecologist who seems to be in touch with his feminine side, his daughter Amber (Clara Mamet) her boyfriend Tom (Jonny Weston) and their tagalong friend Ronny (David Hull) who is wa…

"Justice League vs. The Fatal Five" versus "Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"

Welcome to another one of MoVTie Critic's "Movie Versus". For first time readers this is where I take two movies with similar themes, genres or actors and put the films head to head to duke it out for the most Green Mountain Stars (G.M.Stars). Today we have two DC Comic films that will make the inner geek in you gush with delight.

Up first is "Justice League vs. The Fatal Five" In this story we find time traveling and new allies and enemies when a hero from the future Starboy (Elyes Gabel) travels into the past to our present day Justice League in the hopes of stopping members of a group called The Fatal Five consisting of Tharok (Peter Jessop), Emerald Empress (Sumalee Montano), Validus (Bruce Timm), Mano (Philip Anthony-Rodriguez) and The Persuader (Matthew Yang King) from going after the newest Green Lantern to join the Justice League Jessica Cruz (Diane Guerrero) a young woman who battles psychological problems linked to a traumatizing event but who has th…

"London Fields"

Well movie lovers and readers. This is a pretty special post for me. I started the original MoVTie Critic blog at a year and a half ago and this will be my 200th post to that blog (not on the Facebook page for those reading there). In honor of that, I've decided to do a post on an interesting film I had watched awhile ago that I haven't gotten to around talking about. It's about a writer, two young men and woman who's destiny is sealed yet she chooses not to change her fate and live life on dangerous side. A film in which is one of the reasons I started this blog that you may have missed hearing about but will get to hear about here.

Samson Young (Billy Bob Thornton) a once talented writer who has lost his touch has arrived in London trading places with a fellow writer (one of more success) in an effort to find inspiration for his next novel. There he meets three people that will change his life. Guy Clinch (Theo James) a foul-mouthed dart player hoping to…